JIGU Laptop Battery For ACER TravelMate 5220 5230 5310 5320 5330 5520G 5530 5710 5720 5730 6592 7220 7320 7520 7720

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Product details


Title:JIGU Battery For Acer Extensa 5220 5235 5620 5630 7620 TravelMate 5320 5520 5720 7720 7520 6592 TM00741 TM00751 GRAPE32


Battery Type:Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack


Battery Volt and Capatity:

  1. 10.8V-6600mAh
  2. 10.8V-5200mAh
  3. 10.8V-4400mAh

(Please select one of the capacity that you need in the price area)


Battery Cells: 6 cells


Battery Color: Black


Inventory: In Stock




10.8V-6600mAh Product show





10.8V-5200mAh Product show









10.8V-4400mAh Product show






Compatible models



Please ensure the product(s) that you are going to buy fits the brand, model and part number of your device,

This Laptop Battery can replace the following part numbers:

  1. For Acer
23.TCZV1.004 AK.008BT.054 BT.00803.022
BT.00804.019 BT.00807.013 BT.00807.016
GRAPE34 LC.BTP00.006 TM00742

This Laptop Battery is also compatible with the following models:

  1. For Acer
Extensa 5210 Series Extensa 5210-300508 Extensa 5220 Series
Extensa 5220-051G08Mi Extensa 5220-100508 Extensa 5220-100508Mi
Extensa 5220-101G08Mi Extensa 5220-1A1G12 Extensa 5220-1A1G16
Extensa 5220-200508 Extensa 5220-201G08 Extensa 5220-201G12Mi
Extensa 5220-301G12 Extensa 5230 Extensa 5420
Extensa 5420G Series Extensa 5610 Extensa 5610G
Extensa 5620 Extensa 5620Z Series Extensa 5620Z-1A2G08Mi
Extensa 5620Z-1A2G12Mi Extensa 5620Z-2A1G08Mi Extensa 5620Z-2A1G16
Extensa 5620Z-2A2G08Mi Extensa 5620Z-3A1G16 Extensa 5620Z-4A1G16
Extensa 5620Z-4A2G16 Extensa 5630 Series Extensa 5630G Series
Extensa 7220 Series Extensa 7620 Series Extensa 7620G Series
Extensa 7620Z TravelMate 5220 Series TravelMate 5220G Series
TravelMate 5230 Series TravelMate 5310 Series TravelMate 5310-400508Mi
TravelMate 5320 Series TravelMate 5320-051G16Mi TravelMate 5320-101G12Mi
TravelMate 5320-101G16Mi TravelMate 5320-201G16Mi TravelMate 5320-202G16Mi
TravelMate 5320-2518 Travelmate 5330 TravelMate 5520 Series
TravelMate 5520-401G12 TravelMate 5520-401G12Mi TravelMate 5520-401G16
TravelMate 5520-402G16Mi Travelmate 5520-501G12Mi TravelMate 5520-501G16Mi
Travelmate 5520-502G16Mi TravelMate 5520-5134 TravelMate 5520-5283
TravelMate 5520-5308 TravelMate 5520-5313 TravelMate 5520-5421
TravelMate 5520-5424 TravelMate 5520-5568 TravelMate 5520-5678
TravelMate 5520-5762 TravelMate 5520-5929 TravelMate 5520-6A1G08Mi
TravelMate 5520-6A2G12Mi TravelMate 5520-6A2G16Mi TravelMate 5520-7A2G16Mi
TravelMate 5520G Series TravelMate 5520G-402G16 TravelMate 5520G-402G16Mi
TravelMate 5520G-502G16 TravelMate 5520G-502G25Mi TravelMate 5520G-602G25
TravelMate 5530 Series TravelMate 5530G Series TravelMate 5710 Series
TravelMate 5710G Series TravelMate 5720 Series TravelMate 5720-101G12Mi
TravelMate 5720-101G12Mn TravelMate 5720-2A2G16 TravelMate 5720-301G12Mi
TravelMate 5720-301G12Mn TravelMate 5720-301G16Mi TravelMate 5720-301G16N
TravelMate 5720-302G12Mi TravelMate 5720-302G16Mi TravelMate 5720-302G16Mn
TravelMate 5720-302G25Mi TravelMate 5720-4A2G16 TravelMate 5720-4A2G16Mi
TravelMate 5720-4A4G25Mi TravelMate 5720-5B1G16Mn TravelMate 5720-5B2G16Mn
TravelMate 5720-5B2G25Mn TravelMate 5720-5B3G16Mn TravelMate 5720-5B4G25N
TravelMate 5720-601G16 TravelMate 5720-602G16 TravelMate 5720-602G25
TravelMate 5720-603G25Mn TravelMate 5720-6120 TravelMate 5720-6337
TravelMate 5720-6340 TravelMate 5720-6370 TravelMate 5720-6422
TravelMate 5720-6462 TravelMate 5720-6560 TravelMate 5720-6565
TravelMate 5720-6635 TravelMate 5720-6722 TravelMate 5720-6758
TravelMate 5720-6831 TravelMate 5720-6881 TravelMate 5720-6962
TravelMate 5720-6969 TravelMate 5720-6B3G25 TravelMate 5720-702G25BN
TravelMate 5720-812G16 TravelMate 5720G Series TravelMate 5720G-301G16
TravelMate 5720G-302G16 TravelMate 5720G-302G16Mi TravelMate 5720G-602G25N
TravelMate 5720G-603G32N TravelMate 5720G-704G25N TravelMate 5720G-812G25
TravelMate 5720G-833G25N TravelMate 5720G-933G32N TravelMate 5730 Series
TravelMate 5730-663G32Mn TravelMate 5730G Series TravelMate 6592 Series
TravelMate 6592G Series TravelMate 7220 Series TravelMate 7220G Series
TravelMate 7320 Series TravelMate 7520 Series TravelMate 7520-301G16
TravelMate 7520-401G16 TravelMate 7520-402G16 TravelMate 7520-402G16Mi
TravelMate 7520-501G16Mi TravelMate 7520-502G16Mi Travelmate 7520-502G25Mn
TravelMate 7520-5594 TravelMate 7520-5A1G16Mi TravelMate 7520-6A1G12Mi
TravelMate 7520-6A2G16Mi TravelMate 7520-6A2G25Mi TravelMate 7520-7A1G12Mi
TravelMate 7520-7A2G16Mi TravelMate 7520-7A2G25Mi TravelMate 7520G Series
TravelMate 7520G-401G16 TravelMate 7520G-401G16Mi TravelMate 7520G-402G16
TravelMate 7520G-402G16Mi TravelMate 7520G-402G25Mi TravelMate 7520G-502G16
TravelMate 7520G-502G20 TravelMate 7520G-502G25 TravelMate 7520G-502G32Mi
TravelMate 7520G-730G50 TravelMate 7720 Series TravelMate 7720-302G16MN
TravelMate 7720-302G25Mn TravelMate 7720-602G25N TravelMate 7720G Series
TravelMate 7720G-302G16Mn TravelMate 7720G-302G25Mn TravelMate 7720G-601G16N
TravelMate 7720G-602G20N TravelMate 7720G-602G25N TravelMate 7720G-602G32Mn
Travelmate 7720G-702G50Mn TravelMate 7720G-702G50N TravelMate 7720G-703G50Bn
TravelMate 7720G-832G32N    


4400 5200PC 3PC 2PC 5





Емкость аккумулятора

4400 мАч, 5200 мАч, 6600 мАч

Совместимый бренд


Напряжение аккумулятора



5220 5230 5310 5320 5330 5520G 5530 5710 5720 5730 6592 7220



Батарея ячеек

6 ячеек

Отправка из

Китай, Российская Федерация, Испания



Battery Color



In Stock

Battery Cells

6 cells

Place of Origin

Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Compatible laptop models 1

For Extensa 5210 Series 5420G Series 5620



Compatible battery models 1

For 23.TCZV1.004 BT.00804.019 GRAPE34

Compatible battery models 2

For AK.008BT.054 BT.00807.013 LC.BTP00.006

Compatible laptop models 2

For TravelMate 5220 Series 5310 Series 5220G Series

Compatible laptop models 6

For Extensa 7220 Series 7620Z 5230 5610

Compatible laptop models 3

For TravelMate 5230 Series 5320 Series 5530 Series

Compatible laptop models 4

For Extensa 5220 Series 5630G Series 7620G Series

Compatible laptop models 5

For Extensa 5620Z Series 5630 Series 7620 Series

Compatible battery models 3

For BT.00803.022 BT.00807.016 TM00742